About Us

Company Motto: Make Quality Foods and Contribute to the Society

Environmental Preservation Factory

Hikari Foods Kamiita factory was built aiming for environmental preservation in February, 2000. In the production line, the sanitary management system was introduced based on HACCP and the quality control was introduced based on ISO9002. The installed facilities include: eco-friendly gas boilers, gas air conditioners, solar power generation system, sprinklers that reuse water used in bottle washing, a drainage treatment facility that has the latest filter. Also, vegetable scraps and drainage sludge are composted in order to reduce the amount of waste.
Hikari Foods was founded with purpose to produce "safe and tasty" foods, and today we are passionate about producing "safe, tasty and also environmentally friendly" foods.

Company History

Registered office is relocated to Kamiita, where the factory is in.
Companyfs own farm in Tokushima prefecture starts to cultivate organic vegetables and fruit after being certified as organic JAS.
New environmentally-friendly factory is relocated to Kamiita-cho in Itano-gun.
Certified as a producer of organic processed food based on JAS Law.
Toshio Shimada becomes chairman of the board.
Mitsumasa Shimada becomes a representative director.
Launches the worcester sauce made with organic vegetables and fruits, the first of its kind in Japan.
Because the market at that time was saturated with products made with synthetic additives, we decided that contributing to society by making good food would be our company policy. With the start of the cho-tokkyu (superexpress) Hikari Shinkansen (eHikarif bullet train) service, we launch our gCho-tokkyu (super highest quality) Hikari Sauceh made with no synthetic additives.
Office and factory is relocated to Minami-tamiya in Tokushima City.
Toshio Shimada starts business as a private concern.